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   Conning The Rich: The Great American Fraud


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Book Excerpts:

"We cannot continue to build on the founding ideals of this nation without enlightened leadership. We cannot elect such leadership without our being able to weed through the slick, prepackaged propaganda that special-interest groups use to manipulate us into voting for their agenda. . . . this book will provide you with insight as to how you have been conned and robbed and what you can do to fight back against The Great American Fraud."

- From the introduction

"The Rich are terrified of a well-crafted boogyman. The Rich have been convinced that they need conservative politicians to protect them from liberal politicians who will take all their money and give it to the poor. What the Rich have not noticed is that while certain politicians have, with much fanfare, squeezed the poor, these politicians have also cut the throats of most of the trusting Rich."

- From Chapter 3

"Independent researchers must do . . . research because our government has, to be kind, lost its will to keep the American public informed."

- From Chapter 5

"The $64 thousand question is, How could such a massive migration of tax revenue have been missed by all parties? The various tricks used will be examined later. For now, the answer can be summed up in two words, misconception and misinformation. . . . Yes, twenty years of investment in institutes, PACs, and media outlets have yielded an impressive return on investment for the greedy. Liberals are on the defensive. They have been so busy dismantling the straw dogs thrown against them that liberals have been neutralized as an effective counterbalance to the forces willing to do nearly anything to further their economic agenda."

- From Chapter  6

"The Rich have a narrow window of opportunity to correct the situation their support for those with simplistic messages and hidden agendas have allowed to happen. You have had fair warning. If you allow those in office to continue their rampage, do not complain when you have to pay the bill this fraud is creating."

- From Chapter  16





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