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More than two decades of tax cuts have dramatically reshaped the progressive income tax system in America. The Rich believe that they have benefited. Have they really? Not according to the latest information presented in the new book by independent researcher Stephen Rodnesky.

Tax Cuts Have Failed The Rich

Though it is common knowledge that many of the poor and middle-income Americans have not done well during the tax reform revolution begun under former President Reagan and continued under the current President Bush. Few seem aware of how most of the Rich have done. The facts paint a disturbing picture of what has happened and of what is in store for this group which has provided most of the economic and political support for the tax-cut movement.

The Facts Can Save You Money

What loopholes are being used to allow people with multimillion-dollar incomes to pay a smaller percent to income taxes than many of the Rich?  (see pages 51-52)

Why won't most of the Rich receive any significant benefit from the recent tax cuts?  (see pages 59-60)

What legislation has passed that will guarantee an additional 5% tax increase for the Rich?  (see pages 104-105)

What can be done to correct the situation?  (see page 131)


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